The Australasian Council of Security Professionals (ACSP) raised the Registry project to address what was seen as a significant issue: there was no consistent manner in which to identify those with the appropriate qualifications, experience and other qualities required of professionals in the field of security.

During the development process, methods of identifying security professionals used in other countries were reviewed. No systems suitable for the Australia/New Zealand region were identified. Indeed, the Registry project is being observed with great interest from around the world.

It was noted that those jurisdictions that seek to licence "security consultants" are divided in their definition of who should be licenced and the minimum qualifications and criteria required. The licencing models were not considered appropriate models for defining and recording the broader elements of the security profession.

Information days were held around Australia and New Zealand and input on the registration system was sought from, and provided by, a wide range of individuals and organisations. On 7 June 2010,  the ASCP moved to develop a register of security professionals which, subject to the New Zealand-Australia mutual recognition arrangements, would also register New Zealand nationals who met the criteria for registration.

Definitions of "professional" were researched and assessed and the nature of the work conducted by security professionals was defined and specific sub-disciplines within the security professional field were identified.

The SPR-A registration system is the result of that consultation, as compiled by Macquarie University. Similar registration models used by other professionals have been studied and in particular, SPR-A thanks Engineers Australia for their guidance and support.

In 2011 the ACSP successful gained financial support from the Attorney-General's Department to develop the register.

To view the Report by the Interim Security Professionals Taskforce 2008, click here.

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