On 7 June 2010 the Australasian Council for Security Professionals (ASCP)  moved to develop a register of security professionals which, subject to the New Zealand-Australia mutual recognition arrangements, would also register New Zealand nationals who met the criteria for registration. In 2011 the ACSP successfully gained financial support from the Attorney-General's Department to develop the register.

The Security Professionals’ Registry (Australasia) has been established to meet the desire of the security advisers, managers and leaders to achieve, through the process of registration, an overarching standard of professionalism in the delivery of security services as required by the community. It will register just such security practitioners who aspire to and demonstrate this standard.  It is not aimed at creating an additional association or licensing regime of which there are sufficient to meet the needs of the security industry.

Accordingly, the purpose of the Security Registry is to support the development of the professionalism of security practitioners, and overtime to establish and enhance the professional status of security practitioners as “a disciplined group of individuals who adhere to high ethical standards and uphold themselves to, and are accepted by, the public as possessing special knowledge and skills in a widely recognised, organised body of learning derived from education and training at a high level, and who are prepared to exercise this knowledge and these skills in the interest of others.” (Definition of ‘professions’ - Australian Council of Professions)

The purpose of the Security Registry is not only to enable the registration of security practitioners. The purpose of the Security Registry is to establish effective competencies and ethical standards that enhance the capacity of security practitioners to meet their primary duty to the community and facilitate their transition to and maintenance of professional status.  Registration of a security practitioner by the Registry will act as confirmation of a demonstrated professionalism in one or more areas of security practice and provide to the broader community a Register of those that have demonstrated professionalism in one or more security sub-disciplines. 

Registration will be for a period of three years. Registration is based on peer-assessment of qualifications as well as demonstrated competencies and other defined criteria.  Applicants can seek to be registered in one or more security sub-disciplines (personnel security, physical security, information technology and communications, security risk management, and/or security enterprise management.) Applicants can either be registered as a "Registered Security Professional" or an "Enrolled Security Practitioner". Evidence of continuous professional development will be required to maintain registration.

The Registry has established a set of principles that must be followed, a code of conduct and a “fit and proper test” for registrants.

The Register, constituted as a legal not-for-profit entity, is chaired by the Registrar, Steve Mark the Legal Services Commissioner for NSW. Jason Brown, the National Security Director at Thales is the Deputy Registrar. The Executive Officer of the Registry is Don Williams.

The Australasian Register of Security Professionals will be formally launched at the 2012 Security in Government conference which is being held at the National Convention Centre, Canberra from 3–5 September 2012.

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