Applicants are to complete the registration application, consisting of:

1.     Personal details

2.     Claims of suitability:

·         Qualifications, memberships and experience

·         Declaration of fit and proper person, references and Police Record Check

·         Selection of one or more sub-disciplines and presentation of evidence of competency

3.     An application fee as determined by the Level of Registration requested by applicant

To view the guide on the Registry application form, please click here

The application is then submitted to the Secretariat, which will ensure that application is complete. If an application is found to be incomplete, the Secretariat may return the application or request that an applicant provide the missing information.

The Secretariat will then bank the application fee, or if payment is completed by Electronic Funds Transfer, confirm that payment has been received.

Applications are entered into the database under a unique application number once all identifying information and cover pages are removed.

The Application is then submitted for Assessment.

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