Part I Assessment

  1. The Secretariat will ensure part (I) of the application is complete and meets the requirements of the signed declaration. References will be contacted and the Police Record Check must be confirmed as current to within three months.
  2. If any inconsistencies or concerns are noted, additional information will be sought from the applicant.
  3. If a satisfactory response is not received, the concerns will be reported to the Registry Executive Officer. The Executive Officer may request additional information from the applicant or other sources.
  4. The Executive Officer may recommend the application not be processed further. In such cases the Registrar will be informed.

Part II Assessment

  1. Using the Points Allocation Table provided by the Registry, the Secretariat will review part (II) of the application and allocate a point score to the applicant. Based on the resultant point score the application will be either
  • Assessed for Registration,
  • Assessed for Enrolment, or
  • Returned to the applicant with explanatory letter.
  1. The Secretariat will confirm qualifications and membership by reviewing any attached evidence, or by contacting the relevant organisations or instutitions.

Part III Assessment

  1. The appropriate Peer Review Chair will be identified by the Secretariat, based on the sub-disciplines nominated by the applicant.
  2. The application will be passed on to the Peer Review Chair within five working days of its receipt. The Secretariat will provide a copy of the application (or the relevant element) to each Peer Review Chair for every sub-discipline claimed by the applicant.
  3. The Peer Review Chair will submit the application, with provided evidence of competency to the selected members of the Peer Review Panel.
  4. The Panel will provide their assessment on whether the evidence provided supports the claim of competency against each sub-discipline.
  5. The Peer Review chair will compile the results and make a recommendation to the Registry on whether the claim of competency has been proven. The response will be provided to the Secretariat within 10 working days of receiving the application from the Secretariat.
  6. The Secretariat will compile the results of the peer review and forward the results of the assessment of parts (I), (II) and (III) of the application to the Executive Officer within 25 working days of receiving the application from the applicant.

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