Registered Professionals and Enrolled Practitioners may be de-registered and removed from the Register on a finding that they are not “fit and proper” to remain registered security professionals. De-registration will be at the discretion of the Registrar on the advice of the Registry.

The Registry will establish a Disciplinary Sub-committee (by appointment of the Registrar) to provide peer review of alleged grounds for determining that an individual is not fit and proper and should be subject to de-registration. The Sub-Committee will make an appropriate recommendation to the Registrar for determination.

De-registration can result from: 

  • Noted and independently confirmed breaches of the Code of Ethical Conduct and/or the Statement of Principles for the Profession. This may include: falsifying documents or statements, or information from reliable sources on inappropriate behaviour or affiliations.
  • Criminal convictions related to "Exclusionary Offences" as defined by the Registry.
  • Behaviour which brings the profession into disrepute.
  • Failure to renew registration.

Complaints or claims that an individual is not “fit and proper” should, in the first instance, be made to the Executive Officer.

The Executive Officer will report any claims to the Registrar and who will initiate the necessary investigations. The results of the investigation will be provided to the Registry for determination.

The principles of “natural justice” will be maintained during any investigation of complaints or claims. Persons will be informed of all complaints and claim and be given an opportunity to respond.

In case of proposed de-registration, the individual will be advised via letter. This letter will include information about their right to appeal and the process required.

Upon de-registration, the Executive Officer will remove the names of such individuals from the Registry.

Should an individual who has been de-registered subsequently seek re-registration, the application for re-registration will be forwarded to the Disciplinary Sub-Committee for assessment as to whether the applicant is “fit and proper” for registration.

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