What benefit does society get from the register?

The community and government will benefit from the Registry by being able to access a register of those who have been assessed by their peers as having the skills, qualifications, experience and attributes required of a professional in the secu...

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Do I have to be an Australian resident?

No, you do not have to be an Australian or NZ resident.

The Australasian Register is primarily for residents of Australia, NZ and the Pacific Region but Registration is open to anyone who meets the criteria regardless of location...

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What if I don't have enough points for registration?

Applicants who do not have enough points to qualify for registration are encouraged to consider Enrolment level registration.

This level is designed to include individuals in the Register while obtaining the required qualificat...

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How do I provide evidence that does not compromise client confidentiality?

It is not expected that applicants will provide reports that compromise the confidentiality or security of clients or employers. Sanitised versions of reports are acceptable as long as they are accompanied by details of referees who can commen...

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Who will review my application?

Click here to see the Assessment Process.

Part 1 of the application is reviewed by the Registry Secretariat.

Part 2 is reviewed by the Secretariat and the Registry’s Executive Officer.

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What if I am not happy with the results of the assessment?

Click here to see the Appeal Process.

There is a formal appeal process, which can be followed if you disagree with the results of your application.

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What if my background is secret and I can not tell anyone what I have done?

There should be many aspects of such a person's tasks as well as things that have been done since leaving an agency that can be disclosed. In some cases referees can be provided who can vouch for the work, or sanitised examples of the type of ...

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What benefit do I get from registration?

Security professionals and those seeking to be recognised as professionals in the security discipline, will be able to have their skills, qualifications, experience and attributes assessed, recognised and registered. Thereby proving their comp...

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